Why Marijuana Detox is Important and How to Do It

The continuous legalization of marijuana has seen more people increase their intake of this drug. Apart from smoking, there are many other cannabis products in the market. You may consume them either for leisure or for medical reasons.

There is everything from edibles to beauty care products that have cannabinoids in them. This leads to a dependency on these products for the high effect that you get when you use or consume them.

Even though in some states weed is legal, under federal law, the production and consumption of weed is illegal. This means when you have to undergo drug tests, you may be in trouble. This is where detoxing comes into effect to remove all traces of marijuana from your system. 

More research is still being done about the health risks associated with prolonged marijuana consumption. Dependency is the main factor to keep in mind when you increase your intake. This can even affect your everyday life and that’s why it’s important to detox every now and then.

It’s not easy to detox by yourself at home. Home is a comfortable and safe place that is actually fuel to dependency. You have to choose a different environment from what is familiar to you to successfully detox. It’s best to even check yourself into a facility for better results.

Reasons for Weed Detox

One of the main reasons most people detox is to remove THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) from their systems. THC is found in high concentrations in marijuana plants and is the psychoactive property found in it. This is the part of weed responsible for the high effect. Many products of cannabis contain THC in them including edibles and smoked products.

The reason why you may want to detox THC from your system is the euphoric effect it has on you. When consumed in large doses, it can have serious side effects on your body. You can have an increased heart rate, memory loss, and even slow reaction time all of which are not good for you.

Research has shown that THC has long term psychiatric effects especially when you start consuming weed at a young age. This is the period when your brain is still developing at pre-teen or teen years.

Another reason you may want to detox very fast is to undergo a drug test. Drug tests can have serious consequences especially if you are not supposed to be consuming any type of drug whether legal or not.

There are different methods you can use to remove all traces of cannabis from your system and pass the drug test.

Yet another reason is to reverse dependency. Marijuana can be addictive leading to dependency. One way to combat this is to detox from it though it will lead to withdrawal effects.

There are various signs you can watch out for to know whether or not you are dependent on weed or not. They include:

  • Increased use. You keep increasing the amount you consume daily
  • You are not able to cut down or stop by yourself. Being unable to stop is a clear indicator of dependency.
  • Reduced socializing and activities. You rush from work straight home to get high and are not able to function out in public without having a hit or eating an edible.
  • Anxiety and Sleeplessness. The only way you can relax or get some sleep is while high. Without, you are jumpy, have serious insomnia, and tend to be irritable.
  • Irresponsibility. All that matters is the next time you get high. You can even neglect work, family, and friends.

All these are warning signs of dependency and it means it’s time to detox. The best way to avoid dependency, as fun and relaxing as it is to consume weed, is to detox regularly.

What is Marijuana Detox?

Marijuana detoxification (detox) is when you consciously make the decision to rid your body of all traces of cannabis compounds. It’s possible to allow the body to naturally flush the substance from your body. This is however not the case if you consume it daily. It’ll take the body time to catch up to remove it all from your system.

The heavier a user of cannabis you are, the longer it takes to detox it naturally. This is where detoxification comes in to assist your body. You may require it done fast to pass a drug test or simply rid your body of THC.

Detoxing is not all fun and games. Heavy weed users can suffer from serious withdrawal resulting in headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and even depression. Still, you need to find a way to flush the THC quickly from your body if you want to pass that drug test.

The most effective marijuana detox will last a complete two weeks during which you are not permitted to consume any products with weed in them. The time you’ll experience serious withdrawal is during the first few days into the detox. Irritability is the fast sign that you’re in full withdrawal.

How Long Does Marijuana Remain in the Body?

There are various parts of your body that can be used to test for the presence of marijuana. This is because it has varying lengths during which it remains present. On your hair, it can remain up to 90 days, on your saliva up to 48 hours, urine is 3 days, and blood is approximately 36 hours.

Remember this is after consuming it once. Heavy use means longer periods of retention. The other factor that may determine how long it remains in your system is the strain of weed you consume. This is because different weed strains contain varying amounts of cannabinoids.

You may end up testing positive for weed months after you stopped using it because the strain was stronger. Other factors that can determine how long pot is present in your body are your eating habits, your metabolic rate, and they type of exercises you do if any at all.

The Best Ways to Naturally Detox for a Drug Test

The best and healthy option to detox all traces of this substance form your body is by using natural methods. These are holistic and add benefits to your body. There are other methods like using pills that work but have side-effects you must keep in mind.

1. Increased Water Intake

The truth is you may not be consuming as much water as needed even though this seems like a fairly easy method. Water is one of the best ways to flush THC from your system. You have to however consume lots and lots of it. A liter simply won’t do it.

Try and increase your intake of water daily rather than downing gallons of it when it’s a day to the drug test. Water removes all toxins from the body while having benefits like moisturized skin and a hydrated body.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet

The best way to boost the removal of THC from your system is to eat more natural and healthy foods. These are fast and easy for the body to digest and improve your body’s metabolism.

Eating food high in sugars, salt, and fats makes it tough for the body to digest which means the rate of removal of toxins is also slowed down. A diet full of fruits and vegetables like leafy greens ups your metabolic rate because they contain lots of important vitamins and minerals like iron.

This is why most detox smoothies use leafy greens such as collard greens, spinach, and Swiss chard in them. They contain a host of healthy fibers that are very beneficial to the body and are considered the ultimate detox foods.

3. Refrain from Weed Consumption

This works best especially if you are not dependent on weed. You may be an irregular consumer or even a one-time consumer which makes it easy for your body to detox naturally.

Stop the consumption at once and your body will take over flushing all traces of marijuana from your system. It may take some time for different parts take varying amounts of time. Start the natural detox months in advance to your drug test.

4. Increase Physical Exercise

THC which is a compound of marijuana whose presence is tested in the body is stored in fat cells. To enable the body to flush it out fast, start exercising. The more fat levels you have in your body the longer it takes to detox naturally.

The best forms of exercise for detox results are those that burn fat fast like cardio and strength training. Exercise helps to reduce the number of cannabinoids that can be tested in your body.

Remember you cannot exercise and still consume weed expecting results. You have to stop taking marijuana products altogether for this to work

5. Increase Intake of Tea

There are certain brands of tea known for their detoxifying properties. Do some research and see which the best are for this. Consume them without any additives like sugar and milk for the best results.

These teas contain antioxidants that are key to reducing inflammation in the body. You have to abstain from consuming marijuana if this method is to work. You can combine it with other natural methods like physical exercise and increased water intake too.


The best way to detox is by natural methods that won’t cause any harmful side-effects to your body. It’s important to detox if you have an upcoming drug test. Though there is increased legalization of weed, you may still need to test negative for certain events in your life.