What Travelers Need to Know About Flying with Weed

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the marijuana plant. Marijuana, weed, grass and ganja are some of the widely used names to refer to the drug. It can be used for medicinal purposes to treat ailments such as nausea and pain. However, many people use marijuana for recreation purposes. A lot is happening today in different regions of the world on matters concerning weed.

The laws governing the use of marijuana and hemp are continually changing. Thus, as a user, you should be accustomed to rules related to marijuana use. This ensures you don’t get yourself on the wrong side of the law. If you are a traveller, here are the things you should understand about flying with weed.

Countries That Have Legalized Use of Marijuana

Before travelling from one country to another, you should have all the information about the country you are visiting in terms of weed use. South Africa became the first country to legalize the use of cannabis in 2017. Canada became the second country to allow its citizens to use marijuana for recreation.  In the United States of America, it is still illegal to be in possession of marijuana under federal laws.

Since 1937, the USA has continued to prohibit the use of marijuana. However, the laws of individual states are the one to dictate cannabis use. You can, therefore, use marijuana for recreational purposes in 10 states. The law stipulates that only the resident of these states are allowed to consume weed..  

As mentioned earlier, it is still illegal to fly with cannabis under federal law. This is because once you step on the aircraft your under the federal jurisdiction. Thus, if marijuana is found on your bag at any airport within the United States of America, you will be held for questioning. This applies to all states irrespective of whether they have legalized marijuana or not. Local law enforcement has to be contacted to verify whether the state in question has legalized use of cannabis.

Can You Fly Marijuana Between Canada And US?

Even though it is legal to use marijuana in Canada and some parts of the USA.  There is still an array of criminal penalties related to cannabis possession in Canada. For example, it is an offence to fly cannabis across the Canadian border. If you contravene this rule, you are capable of 14 years imprisonment. The USA still exercises strict border laws. Hence, if you are found in possession of any narcotics, you are subject to $5000 penalty.

Flying Marijuana in a Checked Bag

If you’re travelling into countries where weed is not allowed, desist flying with weed.  This is because many security officers typically carry out random searches on your luggage bag. In the USA, for example, TSA conducts random searches on your checked bag. However, don’t freak out. TSA agents do not prioritize in marijuana searches, but if they find any, be sure to spend part of your life in prison.

The repercussions of flying with weed to the USA vary in different states. Going by the current policy of the TSA, once you are found carrying any form of weed, you are handed to the relevant law enforcement officers. TSA response to these cases is uniform in all the states.

In Canada, if you are flying within the nation’s boarders you can fly with cannabis. It is legal in this country to consume marijuana. However, there are restrictions on the amount of cannabis you can carry in your checked bag. Since October 2018, you are only required to bring with you up to 30g of cannabis (100ml of cannabis oil), or up to 150g of medical cannabis. Going forward, expect to see more changes in rules regarding flying with marijuana.

However, let it be clear to you that it is a serious offence to fly weed over the Canadian boarders.  This also applies to medicinal marijuana.

Flying Edibles

You should have all the information about the country you are travelling to. If you are thinking of flying with weed then, edibles are the best to way to go. Edibles are any kind of foods and drinks infused or made of marijuana. Before you fly these edibles, think of ramifications of doing so. Flying edibles is still a criminal offence in many countries that have not legalized marijuana. The United Kingdom and the USA top the list of the countries that have restricted flying edibles.

In Canada, the case is different. You can fly with marijuana made products but at specified amounts. You can only fly with up to 30g of cannabis products (including flying with edibles). Also, the pot should be kept in your luggage bag and should for personal use. Please note, It is still an offence to fly edibles over the Canadian border.

You might be in hot soup if you decide to take the risk. Nonetheless, worry not. This is because it is hard for inspectors to notice that your snack is laced with marijuana.

For example, in the United States of America, TSA carries out are not in the business of finding weed. They are only interested in detecting weapons and bombs that are capable of causing destruction. Therefore, do not be afraid of carrying your THC infused chocolate. However, a lot of caution needs to be taken. This is because if you are not in a weed-friendly country or state, you might get yourself in trouble.

What Are The Consequences of Flying With Marijuana?

The consequences of flying marijuana vary from one country to another, depending on the drug laws. Keep in mind, that carrying small quantities of weed in some countries is treated as drug trafficking. When you fly weed to the United Kingdom, you are capable of being sent to prison for 15 years with an unlimited fine.

In Japan, drug trafficking consequences are a bit severe. For Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, drug smuggling is punishable by death. Therefore, before you decide to fly with weed in any destination, look for the specific country’s drug laws.

Can You Fly After Consuming Weed?

Well, this is a good question. You can fly after consuming weed in Canada and in the US. Their laws do not restrict people under the influence of drugs to fly. However, this is not a good idea. If you are intoxicated, most airlines won’t allow you to board their plane. 

This is because your cognitive ability is affected, and you might not be able to act in an emergency situation. Further, you can be a hazard to your fellow passengers and crew.

Can I Smoke Marijuana in A Designated Airport Smoking Area?

This depends on the country laws related to marijuana use. In the United States of America, no airport will provide you with a place to smoke weed. The only available areas are for smoking tobacco products.  For Canada, the case is different.

 With the legalization of marijuana, the airport officials have provided designated areas for smoking weed. Vancouver International Airport opened its door for cannabis smokers since its legalization.

Can You Smoke Inside The Plane?

As a smoking enthusiast travelling outside the country by air, you may decide to smoke weed inside the aeroplane. Well, it is not bad but do you know of the repercussions associated with this act. Relax; we are going to give all the relevant information about smoking weed inside the plane.

Until 1979, most airlines allowed their passengers to smoke inside the plane. If you are found smoking weed inside the aircraft, the pilot may decide to make an emergency landing. After which you will be handed over to law enforcement officers. Yes, it is illegal to smoke weed inside the plane. Not all passengers find it comfortable with the smell of weed. Thus, if you must take weed, avoid doing it while on the plane.

Will The Airport Scanner Detect Weed In My Luggage Bag?

Well, this is a great question.  The probability of the scanner identifying weed in your bag is minimal. This is because there is no way the scanners can identify individual items on your luggage. Scanners are meant to identify things that may be a threat to the nation’s safety. Terrorism has become a global challenge.

 For this reason, all nations have beefed up security in all their entry points’ airport being one of them. However, this is not to mean that you risk flying with weed. There are sniffer dogs that detect any pot in your luggage bag. However, you can contain the smell of the weed using smell proof weed storage bags. They are designed to keep away the smell of your weed. This deters sniffer dogs from detecting the weed. Depending on the country drug laws, you may find yourself locked for a couple of years. 

Bottom Line

Before you travel with weed or products laced with marijuana to other countries.  Clearly understand the drug laws of that country. Also, understand the consequences that befall you once you are found in possession of weed. This surely helps you to be on a safer side. You should never, at any time risk flying with marijuana in a country where it is illegal. We hope that this article helps you gather all relevant information associated with flying with marijuana.  When in countries that have legalized weed use smell proof weed storage to store your weed.