Top 10 Marijuana Myths & Facts

There a lot of hearsays about marijuana. Unfortunately, if you decide to subscribe to those rumors you may end up regretting using Marijuana. However, worry no more. Lucky for you, we are going to give you the top ten myths and facts about marijuana. This ensures you have all the relevant information at your fingertips. Well, let’s begin;

1. Marijuana is Harmless

Unfortunately, this is not true. If you have been thinking that marijuana is just a herbal plant that is harmless you are lost. Consuming marijuana contributes negatively to your overall health. Also, by taking marijuana you place your safety and learning at stake. Young people are the most vulnerable to marijuana. To make the matter worse, marijuana sold today is more potent than ever. 

Some of the short term effects of using marijuana include; anxiety, memory loss, and distorted perception just to name a few. If you are a student, then marijuana is no go zone. Why? This is because it jeopardizes your ability to realize your full potential. You can hardly grasp any concept in class. In a research study conducted by the University of Lowa College of medicine, it was found that students who consumed marijuana frequently were poor in grasping mathematical concepts. Further, they could not express themselves efficiently0.

2. Marijuana is Not Addictive

There is no reason why you should believe that marijuana is not addictive. Continuous use of marijuana can indeed lead to dependence. You experience withdrawal symptoms once you fail to use marijuana for a long time. Some of these withdrawal symptoms include; insomnia, nausea, cramping, decreased appetite, sweating and increased dreaming. Using marijuana leads to a condition called a marijuana use disorder.

This is a form of addiction that is severe. According to the recent data, 30 percent of people who use marijuana end up developing this disorder. Marijuana users are 4 times likely to develop this disorder compared to non users. Addiction to marijuana occurs when your brain accommodates a large amount of the drug which in turn curtails the production of and sensitivity of its endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. Marijuana addiction does not care about valuable aspects of your life.

 3. Marijuana is Not As Harmful To Your Health As Tobacco

Many people believe that since marijuana is a herbal plant it is not harmful compared to tobacco. But, keep in mind that marijuana still contains the same chemicals found in tobacco that cause cancer. In fact, regardless of the level of THC, the amount of tar and carbon monoxide you inhale is 3 to 5 times higher than among tobacco smokers

Just like tobacco smokers, you are bound to experience breathing problems, wheezing and acute chest problems. Thus, using marijuana does not place you on the safer side. In both the short and long run, the use of marijuana usage has serious negative consequences in the name of recreation. At times the rate of usage determines the harmful effects of any of them. However, both tobacco and marijuana end up damaging your health. This is a fact you should know before you use any of them. 

4. It Is Safer To Drive With Marijuana In Your System

If you care about your life don’t try this. Marijuana is known to cause impairs your judgment and motor coordination. If you use marijuana, you should not be anywhere near the steering wheel. Researchers have found a positive correlation between blood THC concentration and impaired motor coordination.

 Drivers who have a high concentration in their bloodstream are likely to cause accidents compared to non-marijuana users. If you are a medical or recreation user of cannabis the rule is clear; don’t drive while you are under the influence of marijuana. Just like alcohol, marijuana affects the cognitive abilities. This is as a result of the THC cannabinoid.  Therefore, it is not safe for you to control any machine to leave alone to drive. You are placing your life and that of others in danger.

5. Marijuana Is A Gateway To Other Drugs

Well, statistically, kids who are exposed to marijuana use are highly likely to advance to other drugs.  However, this does not mean that marijuana is to be held responsible for this scenario. According to a published report by the Institute of Medicine, it was found that marijuana may not make you progress to other drugs. Progressing to other drugs maybe as result of other factors and marijuana use is not one of them. These factors includes; social environment and peer pressure.

6. If I Buy/Sell Marijuana, I’m Not hurting Anyone Else

It is in the public domain that marijuana has a significant effect on bringing peace and love. However, think again. Marijuana and violence go hand in hand. First of all, marijuana trafficking is a violent business that undermines human rights. Once you sell or buy marijuana you are hurting several people. Think of your child. You may end up hurting your kid due to absence of parental love. This is a major component that shapes the kid as they grow up.

Consuming marijuana while in school negatively affects your learning. It can be hurting for your parents.  This is because they have invested huge sums of money for you to be in school. As said earlier, marijuana and violence go hand in hand. For this reason, marijuana continues to break many marriages. Thus, when you buy or sell marijuana let it sink in your mind that your hurting someone somewhere.

7. My Kids are Safe and Won’t be Exposed to Marijuana

If you are a parent this is for you. As a parent, you ought to be alert. Your child is highly exposed to marijuana and can access it at will. This is an unfortunate fact. In fact, while responding to a survey carried out by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2002, 55% of youths aged between 12-17 years confirmed it is easy to access marijuana.  According to this survey, they easily obtained marijuana from their friends. Further, one could buy marijuana from school.

Today, in this day and age of the internet, it is easy for your kid to access all information about marijuana. Also, marijuana use culture continues to be advanced through music, movies, and magazines. Well, this tells one thing. Your kid is not safe. For this reason, you should be extra vigilant to protect your kid. Talk to your kid. Let him or her unravel the dangers of consuming marijuana. By so doing, we guarantee you hardly will your kind be lured to taking marijuana drugs.

 8. There are not Much Parents  can do to Stop their Kids from Experimenting with Marijuana

It is unfortunate to hear parents subscribing to the notion that they cannot deter their kids from experimenting with marijuana. Well, do not be among this clique of parents. Did you know you have a powerful influence when it comes to your kid? Relax as we unravel every detail concerning this.

When you stay involved with your kid by knowing what they are doing, setting rules and limits. You are doing a commendable job of alienating your son or daughter from experimenting with marijuana.

9. There are no Long-term Effects from Marijuana Use

Don’t allow anyone to persuade you to use marijuana claiming it has no long term effects. What you might not know is that the consequences of using marijuana persist even after you stop using it.

Continued use of marijuana is said to be responsible for the following; poor job performance, lung damage, depression, schizophrenia, and cognitive deficits. In addition, marijuana, it may lead to you adopting risky sexual behaviors such as having numerous sexual partners.

10. Marijuana Makes you Mellow

Discard this notion that marijuana makes you relaxed and soft. Users of marijuana are four times violent behavior compared to non-users. If you frequently use marijuana there is a likelihood of being disobedient in to the set rules in any societal setting.

Also, you may engage in acts of destroying your properties. In a study published in the Journal of Addictive Diseases, it was found that marijuana was associated with the likelihood of using weapons to commit a crime. Further, the study established a link between marijuana use and cases of attempted homicides’. Thus, consuming marijuana only makes you a violent person.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous myths and facts about marijuana out there. For this reason, many people are in a world of confusion in distinguishing facts and hearsays. This article helps you to unravel some truth to ensure you don’t mess yourself.

These myths and facts are a key ingredient in helping you make a good decision. Ensure all the myths and facts presented here are at your fingertips.  Keep yourself updated on marijuana news. This ensures you are not left behind and you can dispel any rumors brought forward. We hope that his article helps you in knowing the truth about marijuana. Continue spreading the word. Let those around know everything about marijuana