The Difference between Joints & Blunts

As a cannabis user, you have numerous ways to smoke your weed. Whereas using pipes and bongs are some ways that you can use, you might belong to a proportion of cannabis smokers that still cherish the art of rolling ganja.

 Joints, spliffs, and blunt are some of the convenient ways you can use to roll your cannabis. All these methods boast of distinct features that help you unleash unmatched experience while smoking marijuana. 

Well, if you are new to these terminologies, we understand it might be confusing to choose either of the methods. However, there is no cause to worry. Lucky for you, we seek to alienate you from the world of confusion. We are going to achieve this by giving you detailed information on what differentiates the two primary types of smoking cannabis.

To be able to unravel the differences, we are going to base our explanation on the following areas. These areas bring out the notable differences between joints and Blunts. We are going to focus on the following;

  • Appearance
  • Burn time
  • Tobacco
  • Rolling
  • Price
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Color
  • Size
  • Flavor

These key points will help us pinpoint out what makes joint different from blunts.


Without the help of an expert, this is the first difference you are going to spot between joint and blunt. Due to the use of tobacco paper,  blunts are always dark and thicker compared to joints. In the case of joints, they are a bit thin compared to blunt. Joints are rolled with lighter, partially translucent papers.

Papers come in different appearances. There are white papers that you can bleach. You are even going to find transparent, and gold-coated papers mostly used to roll joints. Blunts come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on how you roll your blunt, it may appear smooth or rigid because of the leaves’ veins.

Joints often contain a paper filter known as a crutch. This increases the stability of the roll. Also, it ensures you enjoy your joint without burning your fingers.

How Much It Takes To Burn

Well, the paper used to roll both joint and blunt always determines the burning time of each. Blunt is made of a thicker paper; hence it takes more time to burn. This explains why it is advisable to go for blunt. Joint, on the other hand, takes less time to burn. This is because the paper used is thinner compared to that of blunt.

However, if you prefer to have your joint burn slowly, there are thick papers that you can use. Ideally, due to its long burning period, blunt is a good option when sharing with a larger group of people. If you prefer fast smoking, joint is for you.


As said earlier, the main thing that differentiates blunt from a joint is the paper used. Blunt is rolled with glutted cigars and cigarillos. Both cigars and cigarillos are rolled with tobacco paper.

For joints, you can use rolling papers that do not have tobacco. As a user, using tobacco papers brings about a new smoking experience. This is because they bring in a flavor that keeps you enjoying the blunt. Well, tobacco papers are sweeter compared to hemp paper.

Ideally, you may feel that tobacco papers are meddling with the flavor of your cannabis and hence prefer tobacco-free papers.


Well, you might be asking yourself which is easier to roll between joint and blunt. In essence, rolling papers are less complicated compared to blunt papers. If you are a beginner going the joint way would be an ideal solution.

 When rolling a blunt, you have to make sure that the paper is fresh. If you let the wrap stay outside the humidor for a long time, it ends up getting dry or moldy. 

Therefore, a lot of caution should be exercised. If you accidentally let your cigar dry out, you should breathe on it until it is moist enough to roll your blunt without cracking. To avoid all these, ensure your cigar is not crispy. This is because if your wrap has cracked or has a hole, it becomes impossible for you to enjoy your blunt.

When it comes to joint, the case is different. You don’t have to worry about the joint papers getting dry or getting holes.


A packet of rolling papers is capable of giving you more smokes compared to an equal priced cigar. You can get 50 sheets of rolling paper for the price of a cigar depending on the brand. Therefore, blunts are more expensive compared to joints.

Global preference

Well, you can differentiate joint from blunt based on the worldwide choice. The popularity of these two methods of smoking marijuana depends on regions. This has been attributed to cannabis consumption culture. Joints seem to have massive following in the U.S., Canada, and other American countries such as Mexico or Uruguay.

Blunts usage is more inclined in places where cigars are an integral part of people’s way of life. People use blunts in large social gatherings as a way of spreading love. Therefore, we can see that blunt is serving a tribal function.

As people become more aware of the health benefits of smoking cannabis and the effects of smoking tobacco, people are more inclined to roll joints compared to blunt.

For Europeans, they perceive joints as “wasteful.” Further, they tend to reverse the meaning of joints and spliffs. From a linguistic standpoint, they argue that joint is a roll with both cannabis and tobacco, while spliff is a roll with pure cannabis.


Well, do not expect anything else inside a joint or a blunt. The strain there is exclusively marijuana. Therefore, do not get confused with other terms used out there.

It is only for spliff that you find cannabis plus tobacco used together. Thus, if your joint or blunt is mixed with something else, then you should use a different name.

The only difference that comes in here is the wrap you choose to use. For blunt, you use a glutted cigar paper. This adds flavor to your smoking experience. Joint, on the other hand, uses a translucent paper that only allows you to enjoy the cannabis flavor.


This is the first notable difference that you can unravel through touch and feel even with your eyes closed. As said earlier, joints are made of different papers, either cigarette or rolling paper.

These papers come in different forms from wooden pulp to the more exotic rice. Each of these types of papers comes with different properties such as thickness, flavor,  and burning length, just to name a few. Depending on the material used your joint may be either smooth or rough in terms of touch and texture

For blunt, you roll using cigar or tobacco paper filled with marijuana. Just like joints, the outside appearance of the blunt depends on the material used. Also, the prowess you have in rolling your blunt.


In terms of color, nothing much has changed. The color of a joint is white or light tan. However, due to the wide variety of papers used we cannot conclusively conclude that all joints are white or light tan. 

This is because nowadays, you’re spoilt for choice on the rolling paper to use. There are numerous brands out that ensure you have a variety to choose from. Nowadays, rolling papers come in different forms of psychedelic colors. Therefore, your joint may take gold, gray, and polka-dotted colors, depending on the paper used.

For blunts, you only get a brown or dark color. That’s all you get, nothing else.


Rolling papers are 3 inches long. When rolled, your joint typically resembles a cigarette. In most cases, a joint is always thinner compared to blunt. However, this depends on the paper you use and the amount of marijuana you pack inside.

Blunt comes in different sizes. The cigar paper used to roll blunt is longer and thicker compared to a typical joint. The length of the blunt does not vary that much. But, the thickness of the blunt tends to fluctuate with the amount of marijuana packed inside.


The flavor of the blunt is dependent on the exterior wrap you use to roll your blunt in case of joint; the flavor depends on the strain you use. The exterior paper does not, in a way, dictate the flavor you get.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this article provides you with all the relevant information to help you choose the convenient way of smoking marijuana. The differences are brought out. Personal preferences win at the end of the day.

 One thing that stands out about blunt joint and blunt is they give you an awesome experience. Consider all the points discussed here to choose the right method. Both methods have different burn times hence give you a different smoking experience. Enjoy your cannabis by trying the methods we have discussed.