The Best Bong Brands to Know About

The increased legalization of cannabis and cannabis products has seen more brands of bongs hit the market. Once illegal, now in more states and countries across the world, people are allowed to smoke or consume weed at their leisure. Some opt to use it for recreational purposes while others for its medicinal properties.

A bong acts as a device for filtration and is used by people who smoke weed and tobacco products. Different types of bongs are available for consumers to choose form. It depends on the material and the design that please you.

Types of bongs available in the market are made from glass, ceramic, bamboo, plastic, or metal. The different designs you can purchase are straight, round base, beakers, percolators, and multi-chamber. The choice is yours on which is the best to get.

Selecting the Best Bong Brands

It’s a very daunting task when it comes to figuring the right bong to buy even if it’s not the first time. There are factors you must consider to help you make the right purchase that serves your purpose to the maximum.

1. The Material

There are so many bongs these days that they can get confusing. When you have to purchase a new one, choosing the right material is the key to a long-lasting item that gives you good service for a long time. You can get bongs made from bamboo, glass, plastic, metal, etc.

You may just want to expand your bong collection to which it’s best to pick one that you don’t have. This is easier because you already have other materials in your collection. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

The material you choose has to be durable. No need to make a purchase today and be back searching for another in a week. You may have to spend a little more on quality material but it’s cheaper in the long run.

2. Add on and Modifications

The best bong should be easy to modify. You may want to play around with the design or add more features to it. The best material with these characteristics is glass which is the most classic bong there is.

When searching for the best glass bong, look for one made using scientific glass. This type of glass is very tough and thick meaning its more immune to damage.

3. The Price

As there are a variety of materials for bongs, each comes with a different price tag attached to it. The best materials are the most expensive. Have an amount in mind that you’re willing to spend before you read this guide and start a search of your own.

The most expensive bongs have the most character and color. For a first time bong, choose a simpler one to get you trained on how to use it effectively then later splurge on the more complex ones.

4. The Size

You may be thinking the bigger the bong, the better but this is not true at all. You have to select the size that works best for you. The decision should be personal and not what your friend recommended. The size that works for them may be a nightmare for you.

Bigger and longer bongs may deliver a higher hit for an inexperienced smoker and are best left to the pros. You also have to keep in mind if you want a portable bong or one to use in one place. The best size for a beginner is a smaller size which is better priced and easier to use.

5. Maintenance Requirements

What is required in cleaning and maintaining the bong you want to buy? It’s important to take this factor seriously for bongs can be unhygienic if not properly cared for. This can lead to infections and other ailments.

You have to clean your bong after every use to avoid the accumulation of harmful materials and even organisms. Empty the water and replace it often. Accumulation of by-products on the bong can interfere with the flavors of the herbs that you’re smoking.

You can opt to add on ash catchers to improve the filtration process and assist in faster cleaning.

6. The Filtration System

What kind of filtration system does work best for you? This is the key to a good bong and the best experience when using one. The best filtration system gets you a better hit that’s also smooth and fine.

1.GRAV Helix Beaker


  • Borosilicate glass
  • Decal color
  • Latest design

Why it’s included:

This is the latest product from GRAV who is among the industry best when it comes to the production of quality bongs. The base of the bong perfectly balanced the mouthpiece nestled on top of it. The beaker is very elegantly designed in a geometrical way that delivers the hit just right.

It has a HELIX design specially calibrated to deliver cool air with every hit you take. The air is mixed in a swirl as you intake the hit reducing chances of the hit being too harsh for you. The bongs have a wide helix whose main purpose is to distribute the cloud of the hit making it cooler than when you take a straight hit that can burn.

2. Diamond Glass 8” Classic Beaker Bong


  • Has a detachable downstem
  • Handled fume bowl
  • 8” long

Why it’s included:

This one of a kind bong is made using high-quality diamond precision glass and is made in the USA. All the dab rigs and water pipes are also made of durable glass. It has a very unique design and excellent craftsmanship goes into delivering a masterpiece as the final product.

It incorporates the very latest in smoking technology thus creating one of the most reliable bongs to give you ample service. The glass used is thick enough to endure long use and clear too. You can clean it easily and it’s long-lasting.

3. Showerhead Dab Rig by Bougie


  • Showerhead design slitted filtration
  • 5mm borosilicate glass
  • 8” Long

Why it’s included:

It makes a perfect addition to every smoker’s collection. It offers you the best diffusion of any other bong of its measurements. It is characterized by a slitted percolator. The chamber is filled by bubble stacks responsible for diffusing the smoke to a milky smooth vapor that delivers the perfect hit.

Any splash that might be in the vapor is removed on the widened tube just before it narrows at the top. This keeps all the moisture away from your mouth for it’s not able to climb up the pipe. The neck is made from quality and durable glass which makes it immune to shattering from too much heat.

The bong is very portable and easy to clean.

4. Galacticat Steamroller Hand Pipe


  • Glass that’s reactive to UV
  • Carb hole in front
  • Glass made in the USA
  • 3.5” tall

This bong design borrows its inspiration from the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. It has a theatrical and cool design in the shape of a cat. The eyes are made using glass that’s reactive to UV. They glow in the dark.

The carb hole is situated at the front making it able to deliver a smooth and hard hit. The bong is stored while standing up but be sure to face the eyes away from you so as not to freak out at night!

It’s simple to clean and its small stature is easy to carry around.

5. Bamboo Recycler Oil Rigs water Bongs


  • Straight
  • Diameter of 50-60mm
  • Made using bamboo

This bong is made using recyclable bamboo material and is straight in shape. It contains metal pipes in it and has a diameter of 50-60 mm. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry around. You can pack it easily for its portable.

It has a thickness of 8mm. The bamboo is of high quality making a durable bong. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It delivers a strong hit with an earthy after-taste due to the bamboo material. It has a smooth finishing with a shiny exterior.

It’s available in the USA and made in Hawaii. It’s affordable. It uses water and won’t easily wear out.

6. Bootube Bamboo Bong

This bong is made using high tensile bamboo that is very strong and doesn’t break easily. This is attributed to the fact that bamboo contains up to 70% silica. The bamboo is treated using waterproofing oils like limonene and Tung.

The inside of the tube is sealed using 100% natural beeswax which is not only dense but insoluble in water. It has metallic pipes in it and has a very smooth exterior finishing. The bamboo used is smoked. This may results in a very flavorful hit when you smoke using this bong.

The smoked herbs are filtered using water which doesn’t affect the bamboo in any way.


There are very many types of bongs available for you to choose from. The most durable are made using borosilicate glass and high-quality bamboo. They are listed in this guide to help you in your search. Pick one, place your purchase, and get that hit!