THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) Detox Tips

Marijuana has a lot of benefits but might cost you your job if your employer decides to carry out a drug test. Once you smoke, vape or ingest marijuana, cannabinoids enter your bloodstream.  It is important to note that marijuana contains 104 cannabinoids. However, it is the THC that gives you the high effect that you experience when you take marijuana for recreation.  Once the high impact has worn off, the cannabinoids remain in the body.

For this reason, every time a drug test is carried the presence of THC will always test positive. If you are a victim worry no more. We are going to suggest THC Detox tips. Have you come across the term detoxification?

Unlike other herbal plants, that are ingested and eliminated after some time, it becomes somewhat a challenge to detox your body from weed. This is because the active compounds of marijuana are found in the nervous system and fat cells.

What is Detoxification?

In a nutshell, detoxification is getting rid of any unwanted substance from your body. For marijuana, the best way to detox your body from it is by staying away from it. How long it takes to detox your body depends on your marijuana intake period. If you are a heavy user, it will take you a long time to cleanse your body from THC and other cannabinoids. Well, what about if you have a drug test in a few week times? Relax; there are a variety of products that you can use to detox your body from THC.

How Long Does Marijuana Remain in Your Body?

There is no exact amount of time that marijuana stays in your system. This is because several factors determine how long marijuana remains in your system. These factors include; the rate of usage, BMI, metabolic rate and frequency of exercise.  They make it a challenge to precisely determine how long marijuana stays in your body.

According to American Addiction Centre, If you consume marijuana, it can stay in your body for the following times

Hair 3months

Urine 72 hours 

Saliva 2 days

Blood 36 hours

One more thing, if you are a heavy user of marijuana, you may still test positive for THC and other cannabinoid months after ceasing.

Side effects

Once you decide to detox your body from THC and other cannabinoids. You are bound to experience some withdrawal symptoms. The good thing about marijuana is that the withdrawal process is less severe compared with other substances such as alcohol. Once you kick start the process of detoxification you may experience the following;

  • Insomnia: You may go days or months without sleeping.
  • Vivid dreams: You may experience dreams that are emotional or colorful. However, with time these dreams may be replaced with people consuming marijuana
  • Depression: Once you lack the “High” effect created by THC you may get depressed
  • Anger: You may experience anger issues which you direct to close friends and families.
  • Memory problems: This may last for a couple of months, limiting you to learn new things.

These withdrawal symptoms may vary from one individual to another.  However, some of the symptoms such as depression are common to almost all marijuana users.

 Ways to Detox Your Body

There are several detox products in the markets to help you flush out THC out of your body. These products come in an array of ways from pills, drinking to detox kits. THC leaves your body in several ways. For example, 65% of the THC leaves through the fecal matter, 20% through urine and the rest get out through sweat or otherwise stay in the body cells.

1. Detox pills

Detox pills help you to remove THC gradually. These pills contain herbal extracts such as; dandelion, burdock and goldenseal root.  They make the detox process efficient. Depending on the level of THC in the bloodstream, detox pills work on the course of a week.

2. Drinks

Detox drinks come loaded with vitamins and minerals to help you detox your body from THC. They cleanse your body while still maintaining the composition of your urine.

3. Detox kit

Detox kits contain pills or drinks or both. They can take you at least 24 days to complete. 

Tips for a Successful THC Detox

We are sure that you are looking forward to having a successful detox process. In most cases, it is crucial to get the services of a qualified physician to help you in the process. Getting a medical professional to guide you through the process is not enough. You should strictly adhere to the following tips to ensure the process is successful. These tips assist you greatly in removing any traces of THC from your body.

a) Your Aim

You should have a clear understanding of why you want to detox your body. Write down all the reasons for detox. Whenever the detox process becomes challenging, refer to those reasons. This helps to get the morale to keep on.

b) Check Your Diet

 You need a successful detoxing process, isn’t it? Well, it is time you do away with alcohol and sugars for lean protein. Food with high fiber and water content is ideal for flashing out THC.

c) Physical Exercise

If you are serious about the detoxification process, you have no reason not to exercise. Why? This is because it is a perfect way of removing THC from your body system. You might be wondering how this works. As we mentioned earlier, THC may find its way to fat cells. Thus, once you kick start exercise sessions, fat begins to burn making the THC stored in fat cells move to the bloodstream, eventually getting out of the body.

d) Stay Hydrated

As mentioned earlier, THC finds its way out of the body through urine and sweat. Therefore, you can speed up the process by drinking lots of waters.

e) Get Yourself A Detox Friend

Well, it is essential to get a person who keeps you in check during the detox process. This is the person who guides through the process. Preferably go for a therapist or health professional to help you with this.

f) Be cautious

In the process of detoxifying your body, you may find yourself in a situation that may trigger you to consume marijuana. This may render the whole process fruitless. We know that’s not what you want. For that reason, we advise going easy on yourself.

Stand firm and don’t allow such situations to dilute all your efforts. Accept this is the part of the process and you’re going to reap big.

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to quit marijuana, think of the best ways to cleanse your body from THC and cannabinoids. Nonetheless, it is risky if you think of carrying out the detoxification process without the help of medical personnel.

Many home remedies can help you in cleansing your body. However, its effectiveness is not granted. Keep in mind, if you decide to use shortcuts, you may end up using expensive products that won’t help you in achieving the desired results. No matter the reasons for detoxification always stick to the natural ways of detoxification.  Also, you can use effective products in the market. We wish you all the best in this journey of THC detox process.