Passing a Marijuana Drug Test

You got a drug check, and you’re looking for ways to get through it? As many states legalize cannabis for medical or recreational use, many people keep wondering how to pass a drug test. That’s why we have updated this guide.

Some employers still list marijuana on the majority of drug tests. This has slightly changed since some states ban prejudice against cannabis users in employment. However, employers in places that lack legalization policies will still screen you for cannabis.

Cannabinoids are soluble only in fats and oils. The body system does not absorb THC and its compounds the way it does to salts and sugars. Instead, these cannabis compounds stay in our fat cells until the fat cells are burned. This is why marijuana can last up to 60 days in your system. In other words, even if you haven’t smoked for weeks, you could still test positive in a drug test.

And, when you face a drug test, what can you do? The more you are aware of test type and your pattern of cannabis use, the better.

What Kinds of Drug Tests Exist?

  • Blood Test 
  • Urine Test
  • Saliva Test 
  • Hair Test 

1. Blood Test

Testers can almost immediately detect cannabis in the bloodstream. We have receptors designed to interact with the compounds of the marijuana plant. Therefore, it is not strange that tests can identify cannabis so quickly through the blood.

Cannabis tests in blood and urine detect both THC and its metabolites. However, their detection windows vary due to the fluid sources of the analysis. Blood screens can track THC even faster than urine screens since THC gets directly into the bloodstream. The highest THC levels typically show within an hour or two shortly after inhalation.

Blood and urine tests can detect THC in dally users up to one month after the last puff. A 2009 survey found that one week after last smoking, blood tests still found THC in regular users.

Blood tests are the most precise option in the detection of drugs, but they are not quite ordinary. Blood draws are more of a medical operation, and a medically trained administrator needs specialized equipment for this procedure. Blood testing is quite expensive method of drug testing, you may get results after one week.

2. Urine Test

A urinalysis, known as a’ piss’ test, is far the most regular drug check at the workplace. The 11-COOH-THC is created in your liver after consuming cannabis products. That’s why there is a range of drinks and detox products to flush it off your system .The temperature, colour, odour, pH, creatine and salt content of your urine are usually tested too. This is done primarily to ensure the sample is human and not a fake. Synthetic pee are sold to blow the tests.

Nonetheless, the urine test looks for more than just 11-COOH-THC. Urine testing is usually done by a qualified laboratory technician and could be of two types. Immunoassay (IA) is typical because it delivers quick results. GC-MS testing is often conducted if there is need for a follow-up test. It is comprehensive and accurate, but it is also costlier and takes more time for tests.

Urine drug testing uses certain cut-off levels to signal a particular quantity of the substance being tested. Usually, the findings for drug tests are per ml (ng/ml).THC has a minimum point of 50 ng/ml. It’s pretty easy to take a urine test. Typically the technician asks you to urinate and to return the bottle. The technician sometimes also checks the urination to ensure that there are no manipulations.

3. Saliva Test 

Saliva testing in the workplace is becoming more popular as this is one of the least intrusive ways. The administrator just needs to put a swab in the cheek for a few minutes to collect the saliva. In a matter of minutes, it then registers a score. Most online statistics show only drug traces from the last 12 hours.

4. Hair Test 

Hair drug tests can detect drug usage over a more extended time than the urine test. Usually, hair grows roughly half an inch a month. So hair testing often uses a 1, 5-inch sample of hair to test users for the last 90 days.

Typically, a tester only extracts the appropriate hair sample from your scalp for processing in a laboratory. The procedure is similar to urine tests. It starts with an ELISA, followed by a GC-MS examination which verifies positive results.

It doesn’t help to shave your head as they can take a hair sample on your body from elsewhere. So you have a pretty long time to bank on a hair check. There are a few detox shampoos that can aid in removing the THC from your hair. It doesn’t work with just your regular shampoo and scrubbing

What Are the Proven Ways to Pass a Drug Test? 

1. Detox Pills

In 5-10 days, clean up your system. Permanent cleansers will purify the Urine, Blood and Saliva. Look for permanent detox kits with two home test kits for THC to check that your urine is clean. So if you’re about a week away and want to be 100% safe, stop smoking, and take your detox.

Nutra Cleanse detox kits tackle the detox criteria in moderate to extreme levels of exposure. Smoking just one joint could probably last for a week in your body. Regular users require up to 60 days to detox their system completely and pass a drug check.

2. Detox Drinks 

A variety of detox drinks are available that increase your likelihood of passing a cannabis test. A chronic user should test positive for at least ten days after occasional use. A regular user and those who use cannabis concentrates may be able to see signs of THC for 1-2 months in their urine.

 Items like Nutra Cleanser’s Fail-Safe Kit provide a combination of pills and a drink to flush the system on the day of use. It takes effect within 90 minutes and provides a clear result for up to 6 hours.

What are the drinks for detox? Each drink brand is slightly different, but they all remove suspected THC metabolites. Remember that detox drinks are no miracle treatments. In the night before you go to work, you cannot afford to smoke ten joints, drink a bottle and expect a morning check. Before the planned drug test, you must be prepared to stop using cannabis. Most manufacturers have instructions on how long to abstain. Follow the instructions for the best!

3. Additional Supplementation

When you want to drink lots of water on the day of your test, make your urine pleasant and yellow. This will give the illusion that it isn’t diluted. Hence supplements are necessary. B12 and B2 vitamins give the urine the perfect yellow colour when taken just a few hours before the test.

A further supplement to take is creatine because it breaks down into creatinine that is driven out by the urine. Therefore, laboratories are looking for creatinine in the sample as well. A few hours before testing, a dose of creatine slightly more significant than the recommended amount.

4. Detox Shampoo 

Some shampoos can help if you have to pass a hair drug test. The drug metabolite chemical compounds are stored in the middle of the hair shaft. Modern shampoos do not wash them away overnight no matter what number of times you rinse and reuse them. However, certain detox shampoos, such as the Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo, offer solutions that clean your hair.

5. Synthetic Urine 

In many cases, synthetic urine is used to defeat drug tests. This means ordering fake urine at the right time for your drug test and then heating it up and using the bottle for your sample. The Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Products give a kit to produce your own synthetic results.

Luckily, fewer companies check piss for marijuana with the increase of legalization. Few states are adopting laws which institutionally protect employees against the unlawful recruitment and firing. That said, as long as cannabis is federally illegal, drug tests will remain the norm. If your survival depends on a paycheck from a job that is not 420-friendly, the above things will help you rest easy. We have also comprehensively explained a number of other ways to clean you up before a test.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your Body?

THC usually stays the longest of all drugs tested in your body. Traces of the use of marijuana can appear in your urine from 2 days to 3 months. It has an average time of 30 days to clean after cessation based on body mass, use frequency, and metabolism.


Sometimes we are still in shock that companies are testing employees for cannabis. Cannabis is used by all manner of people to treat anxiety and depression effectively. Patients and users will do well at their jobs if they are allowed to use their medication under many other circumstances. The idea that addictive medicine, such as benzodiazepines is cool if prescribed by a physician seems unfair. However, a piss check will leave you unemployed if you choose a standard route to treat anxiety or pain.

Drug testing employees by anti-marijuana companies filter out some of the most qualified candidates for the work. More People use cannabis to improve their life and their health as legalization spreads. The outcome? Positive cannabis drug tests are at 12 years high, according to a 2017 report.

Many users take some extreme steps to ensure they pass a pee test or dreadful hair follicle test to keep their job offer. There are handfuls of people who have tried to cheat these drug tests unsuccessfully by different gambit forms. Some bought BS cleanses or hit the gym with the expectation that they will sweat out THC.

Apply the above measures on how to pass a drug test for your next check!! To get a bit of a chuckle, read the stories of people who tried defeating drug tests using some DIY methods — bless their therapeutic hearts for sharing their tales. Please take care not to repeat the same errors.