How To Tell If My Vape Cartridge Is Fake

Fake vape pens have become of significant health concerns since the inception of the innovative commodity in the market. They are not only a threat in the states with legalized recreational cannabis but also in those opposed to marijuana recreational use. Since this product is new in the marijuana industry, only a few consumers know pretty much about it. Since 2017, hundreds to thousands of Vape pen users get hospitalized with rare respiratory complications associated with the use of contaminated vapes. Now how can you scape the trap of fake vape? Well, it’s pretty easy. With the following tips, you’ll be good to go.

1. Ensure Your Bud Vendor has a Legitimate License

Even though licensing does not guarantee a hundred percent safe CBD vape pens, it’s good to check it. In any case, it confirms that your Vape vender is law-abiding and cares for the health of the customers. Also, it shows that your market is at least regulated.

However, there has been incidences of big and reputable brands recalling their products for not meeting the minimum requirements. But that’s not a big issue as it only shows that the company is committed to the quality and safety of its product consumers.

Now, how can you verify your retailer’s license to determine whether it’s legitimate or not? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. All you should do is to get the license and check if it’s online.  If the License doesn’t exist, then walk out as soon as you can.

If you’re buying your cannabidiol vape pen in California, you should find the license number of the vendor readily displayed. After getting the license, you should find out from the state Bureau of Cannabis Control website if the license exists on the site. If it exists, then you’re good to proceed to buy your product.

2. Have a Critical Look at the Packaging

It’s not uncommon that fake products are attractively designed even more than certain commodities. And therefore you have to be extra keen before buying any vape pen. Below are some of the things you should check on the package.

  • Check on the manufacturing date.
  • Have a look at the packaging date. Ensure the date is a bit recent.
  • Check on the batch number
  • Also, check the lot number.

If you find the above details missing, then it’s clear that you’re just about to buy death with your money.

Similarly, some unscrupulous manufacturers always have the above labels but with false details. And therefore, the best way to go about it is to research about the shop before making purchases.

It’s also worth noting that some vendors are creative enough to sell you a substandard vape pen but in an authentic package. But this too can’t go unnoticed. To escape this trap, never accept a product with the original seal broken. And that’s it.

3. Avoid Copycats

When the ill-missioned manufacturers cannot sell their own stand-alone fake vape pens, they will design a packaging that resembles the one for a legitimate brand. This is done with the highest level of precision and artistry to ensure it is almost impossible to notice.

When met with such a puzzle, the first thing that you can check effortlessly is the symbol or icon for the state-mandated bodies.  One such image is the THC warning icon. However, some fake products also have them.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the prototype packaging can be spotted from a distance. Similarly, others have some inconsistencies that make them easy to spot.

4. Have a Look at the Ingredients

Ingredients form a critical part of any product. And when it comes to the formulation of the vapor contained in the vape pen, this should be more than just a concern.

Most of the vape pens mainstreaming into the market contain problematic diluents such as vegetable glycerin, medium-chain triglyceride, and propylene glycol.

In addition to that, they also contain Vitamin E acetate that is under research for potentially causing sudden respiratory illnesses.

According to the California Department of Public Health personnel, the vapor cartridges have been of considerable concern. This is because the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs.  

Now that the mentioned diluents are potential life destroyers, what’s next for the vape pens enthusiasts? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward.

Even though most of the legalized vapor pens contain diluents that can cause lung complications, there are a few selected brands to check out.

Such brands include but not limited to Jetty and Nug.  These brands are made up of 100% extract from cannabis, making them safe for human use. But you should be ready to foot up the cost.

5. Consider the THC Content

The THC content is another factor to consider if you want to avoid buying a fake vapor pen. Normally, legitimate CBD oil vapor should have THC content above 60%.

However, something like 99.9% THC content is quite abnormal, and therefore, you should avoid it by all means.

On the other hand, any cartridge vapor THC content that lags below 60% shows the effect of cutting by other materials. As such, the vapor may contain contaminants that are potential health threats.

6. Price Tag

Cartridges containing 100% cannabis extract are way expensive but worth it.

However, some unscrupulous dealers buy empty branded cartridges from sites such as Ali Baba and then fill them with trash. And it’s a no wonder that the counterfeit cartridges retail at ridiculously low prices.

Also, some dealers of the illicit cart sell their product as low as $20 per gram that’s way too low even to purchase a ½ gram vape from a legal vendor.

When you find big brand names with a ridiculously low price tag, then you shouldn’t think that you’ve got a bargain. It’s a contaminated product that can easily cost your dear life.

7. Know your Brand

Familiarizing yourself with a legal yet famous brand in the market is yet another way to escape the trouble that comes with the illegal vape pens.

If you’re used to buying your vape pen from a trusted dealer, never be swayed away by the cheap, illicit, and contaminated vape pen.

That said, stick to your familiar brand and keep off the products from unknown sources. In addition to that, keep off the cartridges sold in the states or countries where cannabis is illegal.

Since no reputable company sells its product in the black market, all the vape pens found there are fake. And that’s why you should avoid them.

8. Be Keen on the Color of the Oil

Checking the oil color is another sure way to identify the counterfeit vape pen. Even though some photos have made rounds on Instagram and other social media platforms, it might not be the reality.

Usually, the oil should be concentrated with distinctive clear gold color. Therefore, if you find out that your oil is orange or dark, then that’s a fake oil in your possession. Therefore, resist the temptation to use it and dispose it off.

9. Check on the Lab Analysis of the Oil

When a CBD brand is licensed, a certificate of analysis (COA) is always issued to the retailer. The certificate show a detailed report of the product.

Therefore, when you get to the retailer to buy a vape pen, request for the certificate of analysis to be sure of the content.

10. Examine the Cartridges

Most of the cartridges from illegal dealers have false information branded on them. And at times, you may find the labels missing on the cartridges.

Some dealers break the seal at the bottom of the original cartridge and then fill the tank with water or other unknown mixtures.

To ensure that you do not become a victim of this trick, ensure the the seal at the bottom isn’t broken before making a purchase.

Also, it’s worth noting that some counterfeit cartridges have attractive designs and labels that might be a bit tricky to spot. Therefore, inspect the vape pen thoroughly before buying it.

11. Switch to Sift, Rosin, or Flower

Since buying your vape pens from a trusted dealer still doesn’t guarantee 100% immunity against the cheaters, you must find an alternative.  And that’s where this option comes in handy. If you can stop using the distillate at this point, then you’ll be better off.

Some of the safe alternative extracts that you can use include live rosin, dry sift, and Rosin. The mentioned alternatives aren’t prepared with solvent and other life-threatening chemicals. 

In addition to that, you can also use distilled flowers instead of the distillate with an unknown chemical.  The alternatives are safe for vaper and you can use them without a doubt of putting your life at risk.

However, you should check the packaging regulations for your state when you’re finding out about the brand’s certification.

12. Trust your Instinct

When you go to buy a vape pen from a vendor, and then you feel that the product sold there are likely to be the contaminated ones, do not buy.

How to Know That You Are Using a Fake Vape Pen

Smoking fake cartridges could cause you the symptom similar to those of acute poisoning. The symptoms include but not limited to weakness, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, headaches, joint soreness, and diarrhea.

If you feel any of these symptoms after smoking your new vape, then you should stop using it and seek medical care.