How to Pack a Bowl of Cannabis & Smoke

If you’re still in doubt about the legalization of marijuana, get up this thing is happening buddy. Researchers continue to unravel more about this magical plant. Other than giving you the high effect, marijuana has numerous medicinal properties.

As a newbie, you may be faced with numerous ways to smoke your cannabis. Key among them is inhaling from a bowl. If you are a serious marijuana use, learning how to pack a bowl is a must. Well, it may sound easy to pack a bowl.

However, they are fundamental principles that you should strictly follow; this ensures you get the most from every bowl.  You might get nervous the first time you pack a bowl and smoke.  Do not worry or hate yourself that’s quite normal. Again, no one is here to judge or call you out.

You are in the process of learning. If you’re confused about where to begin worry no more, that’s why we have chipped in to help you. This article gives you a detailed guide on how to pack and smoke a bowl.

What is a bowl?

Before we give you a guide on how to pack a bowl and smoke, let’s give you a brief background on what is a bowl.

Smoking from a bowl is one of the popular ways of smoking cannabis. In fact, if you are a beginner, this method is for you. Bowl is a proportion of any smoking device that holds your herb. Makes sense, right?

So generally, the bowl is connected to a pipe that serves as an air-light. It facilitates smoke moving through the chamber to your mouth. Pipes come in different designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, but all have a bowl at the end. This is a common feature. The bowl features a hole called “carb.” It ensures that the smoke is used efficiently. Well, for bowls, they come in different forms. You are going to find bowls that are deeper compared to others. But at the very end, they serve the same function: to offer you a place to put your weed. 

Initially, pipes gradually evolved from their use with tobacco and became a darling to most weed smokers.  You now have all the relevant information about this tool. Let’s now shift our focus on how to use the tool.

So you have procured a glass pipe and you ready to pack your first bowl. You must be super excited.

Items Needed To Pack and Smoke a Bowl

  • Glass pipe
  • Cannabis herb
  • Grinder
  • Standard lighter

Standard lighter is a widely known method of lighting up your weed. However, there are other methods you can use in the market. For example, glass wands and hemp wicks plus other devices are effective in regulating the amount of heat applied to your marijuana.

As a beginner or you are in a budget, you can still use a standard lighter. Despite the lighter you use, you are still going to get results. What you are looking forward is to apply heat to the cannabis. After which the plant will vaporize, delivering cannabinoids and flavor. As a cannabis smoker, this is all you are looking for. Essentially, once you smoke cannabis, you ingest several cannabinoids. The two main cannabinoids are THC and CBD. These two cannabinoids have different functions.

How to Pack The Bowl

1. Choose Your Favorite Strain

Well, this is the first thing you should consider. Unravel what you want to achieve from smoking the weed. This guides you in choosing the right strain to serve your interests. In a nutshell, it is all about choosing the type of high you’re aiming to get.

Just pick some sativa if you are aiming to have a daytime high. You can grab some indica if you are looking forward to being high later in the day.

2. Break It Up

Once you have settled on the type of strain right for you, simply break up the weed. There are several ways you can perform this task. You can use a grinder, your hands, or other techniques that help in breaking the weed.

Grind your weed into a fine fluffy powder. We recommend that you use a grinder to break down your weed. This is because it ensures uniformity and efficiency. By the use of a grinder, the process is reasonably quick and straightforward.  Also, the weed is equally sized, ensuring there are no little lumps.

This will ensure your weed burns more evenly.  That’s said, it is also important to note that you may belong to the clique of people who don’t like using a grinder. They argue that you are likely to pack more weed on your bowl since marijuana is more compact.

3. Pack the Bowl

After you have grinded your weed, it is time to pack it to your bowl.  Ensure the pack is light at the bottom and make it dense as you get to the top. This is because if you pack it so hard, you are limiting the air that pulls through. Use your fingertips to press the weed in your bowl gently.

The top level of the bowl should remain as level as possible. This facilitates uniform burning. Keenly access how well you have packed your weed before you set up a flame.

Once you have finalized packing your bowl, inhale some air to the bowl using the pipe or bong connected to the bowl. If there is some air coming through, it is time to let the good times roll. That means your pack is good. However, if it is the opposite, it means you have packed too tightly. 

If your bowl has passed this requisite test, it is time to light up the flower using a heat source.

You now have all the information on how to pack your bowl. Now, let’s shift our focus on how to smoke from a bowl. We are going to check on the things you are supposed to do when smoking in a group. Our goal is to ensure you learn the basics, and you don’t embarrass yourself.

Once your pack your bowl, here are steps to follow to ensure you take a good hit.

  • Place your lips up to the end of the pipe
  • If your bowl has a carb cover it with your thumb
  • Using your standard lighter, light up a portion of the herb and inhale
  • Once you begin to inhale let the go the carb
  • If you are done inhaling place the thumb on the carb again
  • Remove the pipe from the lips and exhale
  • Repeat the process
  • Let the good times roll

As a beginner, do not get frustrated; it takes you a few sessions to become a pro.

Smoking Etiquette

When it comes to smoking, you should exercise some courtesy when alone or in a group.  Smoking a bowl provides you with a unique and excellent opportunity to socialize with your peers.

Well, whenever you are within a group setting, you must exercise mannerisms. This ensures you get a chance to be invited to the group some other time. Therefore, you should understand the unspoken rules that guarantee smoking etiquette. Here are things you should exercise when smoking a bowl. 

  • The person who provides the herb has all the powers to choose who gets to smoke first. Also, he dictates which direction the bowl moves.
  • If the bowl is lit before you pass to the next person, let the next person know that the bowl is cherried. It is through this they know that they don’t have to relight the bowl.
  • You should never, at any time, pocket the lighter. This is one of the strict rules of the game. Always leave the lighter on the table to ensure easy asses when one wants to relight the bowl.

Practice Please

We have provided you with everything you should know about packing a bowl and smoking. The process is simple and straightforward. However, before you become a pro, you are bound to make mistakes. Never worry, keep on trying. As the adage goes, “practice practice makes perfect.” learn to pack the bowl on your own. You should exercise a lot of care when smoking the bowl.

Ensure your country has legalized the use of marijuana. When traveling, carry out a deep research on the country you are traveling to. This alienates you from finding yourself at logger’s heads with the authorities.


In conclusion, packing and smoking a bowl is a must-have skill you should have if you are a serious marijuana user. Do not be hard on yourself. If you have any questions, just ask your friends.  The art of packing a bowl is simple, not unless you are not willing to learn.

This article greatly helps you in unraveling all the vital information. We can guarantee that if you follow all the information presented here, you will never go wrong. Above all, exercise a lot of care. We wish you all the best. Let the good times roll at all times.