How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally

Planning is a crucial determinant for successful farming. As an adage goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. Thus, if you are a real cannabis farmer or you seek to venture into this area, then planning is essential. It would be best if you spent the first few months of the year preparing your garden ready to kick start the farming process.

 The best period for outdoor garden activities runs from March to November. Nonetheless, the specific month you choose depends on where you live. That’s said if you are seeking to plant cannabis plant on your grow kit. The first thing that comes to your mind is cannabis seeds. 

Well, at times, going to the market to look for cannabis seeds can be challenging. This is due to the nature of legality of marijuana between different states. Remember, only a small number of countries have legalized cannabis. For this reason, you would be going against the law if you decide to purchase cannabis seeds in states that have not legalized marijuana. This article guides you on how to buy cannabis seeds legally. Let’s kick start the discussion.

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In The First Place?

This is such a helpful question you should ask yourself before you buy cannabis seeds. Unfortunately, the legality of buying seeds depends on the country you come from. You should know that marijuana seeds are considered as marijuana products. There is no difference between marijuana seeds and edibles, flowers and concentrates. In Canada, after the Bill C-45 came to effect, it now became legal to buy and sell marijuana seeds. Canada is one of the few countries that have legalized the use of marijuana substances

In the USA, you can purchase, produce and sell seeds in states that have legalized use of marijuana. However, it is essential to note that the seeds cannot go beyond state boundaries. In states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, you can only procure cannabis seeds using a medical card. Do not think of bringing cannabis seeds from outside the US. This is because the customs union agents have the right to seize them.

As you can see, it might be illegal for you to own marijuana seeds in countries that are yet to legalize marijuana. However, there are slight exemptions. Some countries have allowed selling and buying cannabis seeds.

According to their argument, cannabis seeds do not have any narcotic effects. The law only takes effect if you decide to germinate them. What you might not know is that cannabis seeds are rich in proteins and amino acids. Hence buyers use them as fish baits, luxury bird food and souvenirs.

As you can see, nowhere is growing of cannabis coming into place. It is possible to find your country restricting the selling and buying of cannabis seeds but legal in another. In 1962, 180 countries signed an international treaty that deems cannabis substance illegal but not cannabis seeds.  For example, it is entirely legitimate to buy and sell cannabis seeds in all European countries except Germany. However, a legal issue arises when you decide to germinate them.

Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally?

Having given you the general information on whether it is legal to buy cannabis seeds lets now shift our focus on where to buy cannabis legally. We seek to save you from you get as you try to find the ideal location to purchase the seeds.

Well, most of the leading seeds banks are in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Spain that have less restriction in buying and selling of cannabis seeds. They offer you a variety of cannabis seeds from different breeders. If you are from the USA, worry not if and only if you are from a state that has legalized marijuana. You can get yourself marijuana seeds from either a dispensary or through a company website.

1. Company Website

If you decide to purchase cannabis from a company website that sells marijuana seeds, you should carry out more information. Choose breeders who have earned a spot in terms of reputation and delivering quality seeds. Lucky for you, in this article, we are going to recommend the best sites where you can get quality seeds legally.

If you are in Europe you can check the following;


To ensure you are on the safe side, desist from buying seeds that are indicated as ‘unstable genetic.’ This shows that the breeders cannot conclusively determine the origin of those seeds. It is good to buy seeds that you confidently know their origin. Failure to get good seed history may sum amount to poor breeding practices.

2. Dispensary

This is one of the best and safest ways to acquire cannabis seeds in the USA in states that have legalized cannabis use for recreation and medicinal purposes. You get a chance to get all the information regarding the seeds sold from the staff. 

Unfortunately, the options are limited. This is because other than seeds, they have an array of items to get off their shelves. Some of these items include flowers and high-end products. Therefore, prioritize on talking to the staff to see whether they have enough information on the seeds they are selling. This information includes; duration and its quality.

3. Buddies

If the growing of cannabis is legal in your country or state, think of getting cannabis seeds from your friend. Keep in mind, in some states in the US; it is a crime to sell cannabis seeds if you lack retail cannabis license. Therefore, to be on the safe side ensures that the municipality in your state allows this kind of practice.

4. Cannabis Festival

If you’re looking forward to buying some cannabis seeds, then you should check out for cannabis festival. This is a platform that provides vendors to sell their seeds that seek to market their brand and cash in some fast cash. It is an excellent opportunity for you to buy quality seeds since you have a wide variety of options.

5. Marijuana Farmers Market

You can gather more information about the local producers on whether they come together to sell cannabis seeds. It is also an excellent platform for getting quality seeds. However, be sure to look out whether the local government authorizes such events.

The Cost of Cannabis Seeds

After providing you with all details in regards on where to buy the cannabis seeds, let’s give you a clear picture of what to expect in terms of price. In most cases, the seed pack comes with 10 to 12 seeds, and the price begins from $40 going upwards. However, for some breeds, you can expect to dig more from your pocket. This is because for high-end genetics a pack may cost you $200 to $500


Different nations have legalized the buying and selling of cannabis seeds. However, you should be aware of whether or not your countries allow germination of cannabis seeds. This is because some countries will permit you to buy seeds but won’t allow you to grow them.

Therefore, check out your country’s laws into detail to ensure you make the right decision. To get the right quality, go for brands that have a high reputation in this field.