How Long Does Weed Stay in your System?

It might be just a onetime thing where you consumed some edibles with friends or had a smoke, but weed takes some time to leave your body completely. This becomes a factor to consider when you have an upcoming drug test that has serious consequences.

You may have just landed your dream job and they say one of the tests you need to start working is for drugs and substances. You can feel that cold sweat dripping down your back as you imagine how much THC is in your system.

Weed takes some time for the body to naturally detox it. This is determined by several factors including how often you consume it. To completely flash it from your body, you have to stop consuming it first. There are natural methods you can implement to speed up the process. Other methods have side effects like consuming detox pills.

The best way to not have to tremble when drug tests are mentioned is to stop consuming weed altogether. Having said that, if you must take it, do so without inducing dependency. Pace the rate at which you use this substance when you know you have to undergo regular drug tests or might soon.

Cannabis Drug Testing

The main places that require cannabis testing are those of employment. This is a requirement especially if you are just starting at a company or require a regular medical checkup at your job.

It might be legal to consume marijuana for medical or leisure purposes, but when you test positive during an employment drug test that can have serious repercussions. This is because, under federal law which many companies have to observe, it’s still illegal to produce and consume weed and weed products.

There are certain industries that are heavily regulated and you have to undergo regular drug testing. Your local or state government may also require this, especially in those areas yet to legalize marijuana.

There are places of employment that have a policy of maintaining a drug-free work environment. These are the places where random drug testing is conducted. You agree as part of your contract to submit to these tests regularly. Ensure you read it carefully so as not to risk your job in the course of your employment.

There are those new-age companies that accept workers to indulge in out of work marijuana use. However, they don’t allow it in the workplace. The debate is still rife on these screenings with the increased legalization of pot in many states and even countries across the world.

How to Screen for THC

There are various methods used to test the presence of THC in your system. Drug testing can be using your urine, hair, blood, and saliva.

1. Saliva Testing

This is done by swabbing your mouth and testing the saliva on the swab. It can be a very nerve-wracking experience but one that you have to submit to for you may not have another option.

This the latest method employed by many employers to test their employees at the workplace. It can be used alone or together with another method like testing your urine. This method is preferred because it’s not only quick and efficient but cost-effective too.

Do some research and get to know how the test works for your benefit. The saliva method only tests for the presence of THC. When you consume cannabis products or smoke, THC lines up the inside of your mouth for some time. This remains present in your mouth for a while before its metabolized.

Some believe this is the most effective way to test for accurate results. Others refute this claim for users can easily detox and flash the THC from their mouths before the screening. It works best for random drug testing.

THC can remain in your mouth for up to 24-72 hours after smoking or consuming cannabinoid products. This can be an issue when there is a random drug test.

2. Urine Testing

This is the most widely used method for drug testing by many law enforcement and some companies. When testing your urine, they’re looking for traces of weed and cannabis oil. It doesn’t matter how you consumed the cannabis, THC traces can find their way into your urine from smoking, inhaling, application, or eating edibles.

When it comes to using urine to test for marijuana, THC can be found in it even after 5 days if you are a one time or light user. For heavy users, you can get up to 15 days later traces of the substance in your urine. Dependent users have the same traces of THC on their urine for up to 30 days.

If you know you’re to undergo a drug test in a week, you need to have stopped consumption a week in advance. This gives your body time to detox naturally for 4-5 days. If there is a random test conducted then you might be in trouble.

Remember that there are factors to consider when wanting to remove all traces of marijuana form your system. For some people, it’s easy to detox because they are light consumers and on top of that they exercise and eat healthy diets. This assists their bodies immensely to get rid of all traces of THC.

For those who take care of their bodies physically, it takes less time to flash out the toxins and even random drug testing might not be able to find them on the wrong. The THC testing kit reads positive when you have weed in your system and negative when you don’t.

Drug testers use a strip test which is dipped into your urine sample normally delivered in a sterile cup.

3. Hair Testing

Yes, it’s possible to use follicles of your hair to test for the presence of cannabis. The test is used on the most recent growth of hair nearest to the root. This means this hair has been growing in the past 90 days which is how long weed remains detectable in it. Only a small amount of hair is required for the test.

You must abstain from consuming marijuana for at least 3 months before your drug test. To test for drugs using hair, it’s best to do it in a lab or a hospital. You can’t finish traces of the drug in your hair even if you wash it, dye or alter it chemically.

The one performing the test cuts 100 to 120 short strands of your hair for this test. The hair is collected from different parts of your head. If you have no hair on your head, hair from any other part of your body can be used.

The test lasts for 24-72 hours. A negative result takes less time to determine and a positive one longer. You might get a result that’s inconclusive if the proper procedures were not followed in collecting hair from your head or body. This means the one extracting the follicles tampered with them.

You receive your results from the testing lab once they have definite test results. An inconclusive result may require you to avail yourself for fresh samples to be removed.

Testing for marijuana using hair samples has a very definite procedure that has to be followed to the letter hence the need to be done in a lab. This is to enable the test to be as accurate as possible. The hair once collected is cleaned to remove any external dirt and contaminants before it’s tested.

Remember if you are on certain medications that contain opioids, you may want to disclose this before you get tested. This is because these medicines may result in a positive result even if you haven’t consumed any weed or substances.

4. Blood Testing

In your blood, weed is detectable up to 24 hours if you are a light or one-time user. Heavy users can have traces of HTC in their blood for up to 7 days. There being easier options for testing like saliva and urine tests, blood tests are less common for they can be very invasive.

How to Pass a Weed Drug Test

A time may come when you need to pass a drug test either as a long time user or as just a now and then pass time with friends. You may need to get new employment, to travel, or have a run-in with law enforcement meaning you have to submit to tests.

The best way to remove all traces of THC from your system is to first understand your body. This helps you narrow down the best method to assist you. If you’re not physically active know THC is best stored in your fat cells. An exercise routine to burn fat is the best answer for you.

Naturally flushing your system is the best possible method to use for your health and wellness. Using pills to detox your system can have serious health consequences. Try and find out in advance when the test is due then start detoxing your body.

The most common methods used are saliva and urine to test. It can take you a few days to flash your body and have clean urine and saliva.


Weed stays in your system for some time. There are different methods used to detect it on your system. You have to know how to detox your body to remove all traces before undergoing a test. This may not be an option though if the drug testing is done at random.