Cannabis-Infused Tea: Benefits & Where to Buy

As a marijuana enthusiast, you must be aware of the uses of marijuana. Also, we know you are well versed in the traditional methods of ingesting marijuana-smoking, vaping, and eating.

However, there is a new way in town for you to ingest cannabis.

Have you heard about cannabis tea? Well, relax, let this not throw you to a world of confusion. Cannabis-infused tea is undoubtedly one of the best and healthiest way of taking cannabis. Intrigued? Keep reading.

Currently, this is becoming a popular method of consuming marijuana. This is because of the risks associated with smoking. Do not be left out. Join the popular trend. We can guarantee you that this is the best method for you. Also, you’re going to reap many benefits.

You might be having many questions about cannabis-infused tea. Luckily for you, we are going to give you detailed information on the benefits of marijuana tea. Also, we are going to suggest places where you can get marijuana tea.

Benefits of cannabis tea

Cannabis tea is not a strange thing to some cultures. Throughout history, prominent cultures such as Jamaica and Indian know it well the benefits of cannabis tea.

 To them, cannabis teas is a home remedy for pregnancy-related stress and morning sickness. However, if you don’t belong to any of these cultures, worry not. This is the time for you to know what you have been missing. 

Today, research has given us an in-depth idea of the many benefits of hemp tea. Here are the reasons why you should make cannabis-infused tea, your greatest friend.

1. Reduces Chronic Pain

Are you suffering chronic pain that has disrupted your regular life? Relax; cannabis-infused tea is for you. As you might know, cannabis contains CBD and THC cannabinoids that offer healing properties. Once you drink the tea, it is absorbed from the digestive tract and liver. In the next 30 to 90 minutes, you are going to feel the effect.

It works similar to edibles. However, an edible takes 4-5 hours for you to feel the effect. Therefore, cannabis tea is a convenient way to relieve pain. Who wants pains, anyway? Grab yourself a cup full of cannabis tea. Do not let pain spoil the good times. At all times, let the good times roll. To ensure maximum absorption of cannabis, make it a habit to drink this tea along with a fat source. This ensures your body utilizes the cannabinoids.

2. Relieves anxiety and depression

Globally, at least 350 million people are suffering from depression. To make matters worse, one in every thirteen people worldwide is suffering from anxiety.

Well, you might be that person. With cannabis tea coming to the scene, do not let anxiety and depression ruin your beautiful moments. Cannabis has neuroprotective properties that regulate your emotional behavior. This is what you get once you infuse the herbal plant your tea. Cannabis contains antioxidants that prevent DNA damage.

That’s not all; cannabis is said to have potent anti-inflammatory properties that prevent your brain from swelling. Well, what you might not know is that brain inflammation largely contributes to anxiety and depression. Once cannabis reduces inflammatory effects, your brains heal itself, thereby overcoming any damages brought about by stress.

You must understand that cannabis tea is not all cures for your stress problems. However, it has a positive impact.

3. Lung Health

Unlike tobacco, cannabis acts as a bronchodilator.  It increases airflow by reducing resistance. It even gets better because cannabis can be used to treat lung cancer. Researchers at Harvard have supported this claim.

Following their research, they concluded that THC could reduce the spread of tumor growth in lung cancer by 50%. This is an incredible milestone. You do not have to reap these benefits by smoking or eating cannabis. Just take a cup of cannabis tea. It will surely help.

4. Heart Health

It should be at your fingertip that physical exercise and a proper diet can go ahead in preventing heart-related ailments. Well, it is a good thing to do. But have you thought of adding cannabis tea to the mix? Are you surprised? Relax as we give you a justification to support this claim.

According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacological Research, cannabinoids in cannabis works much in lowering blood pressure. Also, they facilitate the flow of blood in human tissue. Essentially how cannabinoids achieve this function is simple and straight forward. They widen your arteries and make them relaxed.

5. Digestive Health

Cannabis has along documented history of aiding bowel movements in your body. Taking cannabis is one of the most exceptional solutions to digestive problems. Cannabis contains a compound that offers a soothing effect on your digestive system.

Further, these compounds work significantly in relieving you from nausea. The endogenous cannabinoid receptors in your digestive system interact with cannabis to reduce muscle spasms. Instead of eating cannabis on an upset stomach, why do not you drink it and unleash all these benefits?

6. Deters onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

If science is anything to go by, then we can confidently say that cannabis can prevent you from Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a small proportion of THC is capable of restricting the production of beta-amyloid proteins.

Why does this matter? Ideally, beta-amyloid proteins constitute a significant characteristic of this disease. Drinking tea is a useful method of ensuring your body gets this helpful cannabinoid.

A Recipe for Making Cannabis-Infused Tea

We have seen some of the significant benefits you are going to reap by consuming cannabis-infused tea. You have no excuse as to why you are not taking marijuana tea. You can make marijuana tea from the comfort of your home.

Wondering which part of cannabis you can use to make your tea. You can use leaves, stems, buds, or keif. The decision solely lies on you. Depending on your personal preferences, there are numerous ways to prepare cannabis tea. Some few methods are as follows;

  • Infusing dry leaves with water (the method is less effective as THC is not soluble with water)
  • A mixture of cannabis-infused with fat plus green tea and water

We are going to suggest a simple method that gives you good results. Here is what you need;

  • One teabag
  • 0.5g cannabis flower
  • Honey (this is optional)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 0.5 teaspoon of butter


Prep time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 45 minutes

Serving Size: 1 cup of tea (wait at least 2 hours before you consume more)

  1. Grind the cannabis flower
  2. Mix the result in step 1 with butter in a medium saucepan
  3. Bring the mixture in step 2 to simmer
  4. Pour the mixture into a tag bag or tea ball
  5. Bring two cups of water to boil
  6. Place tea bag into the boiling water.
  7. Reduce the heat and leave the water to boil for 30 minutes
  8. Remove the tag bag and let the mixture cool
  9. Enjoy your cup of cannabis tea

Where to Buy

The benefits you get from drinking cannabis tea are enormous. Once you read through the benefits, you might get confused about where to start. You can make tea from the comfort of your home. The process is easy and straightforward.

It is something you can do without much guidance. However, to save you from all that. If you are from a country that has legalized marijuana, you can buy marijuana tea — asking yourself where to buy the tea? Do not trouble yourself.

 You can buy cannabis tea from online platforms, dispensaries, or cannabis tea shops. It is good to check whether your country has legalized the use of marijuana. Don’t drink or marijuana tea in a country that has not yet legalized marijuana. 

Some of the topmost cannabis tea in the market include;

  • Kikoko
  • Still water
  • Canna tea
  • Top leaf Canada

You have full discretion to choose the brand you like.


Without a doubt, we can confidently conclude that cannabis tea is the way to go. You can still reap these benefits through other methods of consuming cannabis. However, drinking cannabis remains a convenient method of ingesting cannabis to your system. Now that you have seen the benefits that cannabis tea carries, what are you waiting for? Get down and prepare a cup of tea with readily available materials in your kitchen. 

 You should be cautious when taking marijuana tea. Stick to two cups a day and monitor how your body responds. Going forward, you can increase the dosage. If you don’t have all the time, get yourself cannabis tea from the nearest cannabis tea shop.  There are numerous brands in the market dealing with cannabis tea. Therefore, look for a reputable brand that delivers quality products to the market.  We want you to get the very best. Enjoy your cup of marijuana tea and be sure to reap big.