Best Weed Hemper Box

“The best type of gift to give is a type of gift that keeps giving.” This is a slogan that you come across in the marketing scene. Have you thought of delivering a subscription to your loved one?

 Today, the subscription box continues to attract admiration from people of different ages, interests, and hobbies.  As you will find out, there is a subscription box for pretty much anything- beauty, food, and pets. Overwhelmed already? Relax, worry no more. The Internet has become part of us. 

Most businesses have established their online presence. For that reason, it is easy to purchase almost everything through an online platform. Subscription boxes are delivered at your doorstep every month, full of goodies. The art of using the subscription box has spread its wings to the marijuana industry.

On the downside, marijuana cannot be delivered to your home in the form of a subscription box. This is obviously because of legal issues regarding marijuana use unless you are in California. This article guides you on the best cannabis-friendly boxes worth subscribing to.

Weed Subscription Boxes

How does subscription box work in the marijuana industry?

As a serious marijuana user, you should have all the vital accessories to ensure you have a super awesome experience.

For example, if you use joints, you should have lighters, rolling papers, and filters at the very least. These items are essential. You may not realize how much you want a specific item until you really need it.

Subscription boxes are there to offer you the core accessories you need when using marijuana. Don’t worry about your privacy. All the subscription boxes are packaged in such a way that your identity cannot be revealed. Let’s now shift our focus on the best boxes you can subscribe to.

1. The Hemper Box

Hemper box brings you a unique experience. You are given a chance to explore and discover the latest products in the industry from the comfort of your home. 

The company has development experts who are continually innovating, designing, and developing accessories to place in your subscription box.  This is something that you hardly get anywhere. The company values your privacy. For that reason, all bags are shipped using a discrete mailer bag that has no labels. How awesome is that?

Depending on your budget, Hemper offers a few options when it comes to subscription boxes. These options include; Bare Essentials Box, Glassentials Box, and the Hemper Kit. Each of these boxes come with ideal features for both first and advanced marijuana users.

Bare Essentials Box, just like the name, contains the bare essentials. The box has everything to keep a low maintenance smoker happy. It comes with six-core items plus so much more. The box is stocked with the following items; king size rolling papers, full-size lighters, filter tips, Hemp wick, doob tubes, and rotating mystery items. Shipping is available for $2.99 only to the US.

Hemper Kit contains seven items. One premium item plus six core items that resemble the ones stocked in the Bare Essentials Box.

For only $39.99, Glassentials Box comes with accessories worth$125. It has the following items;

  • Hemper One Love Bubbler
  • Hemper Lightercase
  • Hemper Glass Filter Tip
  • Hemper Filter Tips
  • Hemper Tech Hemp Wick
  • Assorted Hemper Rolling Tray 
  • Assorted OCB Rolling Papers
  • Assorted Twisted Hemp
  • Assorted Bic Lighter
  • 14 MM Flower Bowl
  • Assorted Hemper Sticker

If you are living outside, you have to add $20 to the real value of the box in the United States of America.


  • High quality
  • Long term savings
  • Flexible


  • Expensive

2. SensiBox

If you have a special stoner in your life, you can send them the SensiBox. Your particular person is going to find it memorable. At SensiBox, you have two subscriptions to choose from- The SensiBox Original ($35) and The SensiLight ($20).  SensiBox comes with seven-plus items every month. It contains essentials, a larger piece of glass, gear, hemp made products, plus so much more. 

 Sensilight on the hand comes with five items of the month which includes; monthly essentials and small glass piece. SensiBox is unique in such a way that it offers you His and her subscriptions.

Other than cannabis oriented products, you may find other items such as jewelry and socks. You can opt for the subscription that works best for you. The company currently offers a month to month, 3, 6 or 12-month plan. It is incredible to unwrap your box only to find cool awesomeness inside the box.  Look no further; this is what SensiBox guarantees you.


  • Flexible
  • Best gift to a stoner
  • Timely delivery


  • Once you subscribe after the 10th of any month, subscription begins the 10th of the next month.

3. Do You Goody Box – 420 Goody Boxes

Do You Goody Box are packed with interesting stuff in addition to the core accessories. You have two choices; the Good Box and the Top Shelf. The Good Box costs $27.98 per month and comes with 5-9 items. Also, you are going to receive a smoking piece or a vape pen. The value of items found in the box ranges between $65 – 100. 

Top Shelf Box, on the other hand, contains items that are highly-priced. It includes 7-13 accessories a month. The total value of the items stands at $250. This package is going to cost you around $79.98 per month. You can see that by choosing an either subscription, you are going to save a few dollars.  The company values your privacy. Hence, the box gets to your doorstep in a discrete box. No one can unravel what’s inside. You are always in control. Thus, you can switch in between the options and unsubscribe in certain months.


  • Flexible
  • Discreet bag
  • 100% refund after seven months of delivery
  • Availability of package tracking services


  • To some people, the delivery date is too late

4. Cannabake Box

This is not your typical subscription box. Why do we say so? This box brings you an array of benefits that you cannot afford to miss. Do not worry about the monthly essentials; they are going to be delivered right at your doorstep.

This is a company that saves your time and money. We can guarantee you that for every month you subscribe to Cannabake Box, you save 30%. You have a variety of options to choose from.

Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you may either choose the following subscription boxes; standard box, 710 Box, and Craft Box. In each of these packs, you can choose monthly, 3, and 6 months packages. You have full discretion to select the one that works for you.  These subscription boxes ensures you don’t run out of rolling papers.  Thus, it is time you stop bugging your friends for rolling papers.


  • Variety of options
  • Cheap


  • You only initiate the return process within 48 hours after delivery

4. Daily High Club – 420 Subscription Box

This is one of the more affordable subscription boxes you can choose. You can get their basic park with only one dollar. It gives you basic stuff such as; papers, filter tips, and hemp wicks. You will hardly get such a cheap box in the market.

Besides this cheap subscription, they are the Connoisseur and El Primo. For only $9.99, the Connoisseur has all the essentials you need. In total, it has 7 to 9 items. The El Primo package has several accessories that are fancy. It costs you $29.99, but you are bound to add more cost if you live outside the US. The items inside the box are worth $80. 


  • Timely delivery
  • International shipping
  • Cheap


  • Due to its low price, it may lack the essential accessories

5. The Aubox

This box is not everyone. It is for those people looking for a classy box. This box makes it possible for you to enjoy cannabis luxuriously. Be sure to get a variety of boxes ranging from edible boxes, intimate boxes to a night and day box. They ensure you get sativa for the day and indica for the nightcap. Since the boxes deliver you cannabis, unfortunately, you can access them if you are outside California.

Aubox is a company that knows well how to target their clientele. You are not going to get a bunch of incense and fruity joint papers. However, be sure to get oil pens and gold kush cake pops. Without a doubt, this is arguably one of the best luxurious cannabis delivery companies.


  • Luxurious delivery service
  • Excellent boxes that resonate with the target market


  • Cannot be delivered outside the US
  • Expensive


These are some of the best weed boxes in the market. However, they are new ones popping up. Before you decide on the box purchase, ensure you know what you want. You don’t have to pay for items you don’t use. Again, do not for the cheap boxes since you might end up being frustrated. Choose a reputable organization to deliver you the accessories. This ensures you get nothing but the best.