Best THC Vape Pens Reviewed 2020

Making use of a vape pen is one of the best ways to toke…. with no smoke emission. For THC oil, vape pens have garnered popularity due to numerous factors. Simply put, vape pens are convenient, easy to use, and very reliable to use when you want to extract the most from your CBD vape juice or cannabis concentrates.  

Vape pens are designed in all sizes and shapes, giving you a wide range to choose from. For anything you want to vape, be sure that there is a vape pen for that. However, with different products available, getting one that’s best for you can be a stressor.

Don’t worry! Here is a simplified review to make your work easy. But before that, let’s stash our hood and look at some key factors to consider before buying a vape pen.

Select Your Vape Type

What do you want to vape?

Oils? Herbs? Or wax?

Coming up with what you want to vape is the starting point. Some vapes accommodate a wide range of substances. You will have to specify the type of content you want to vape.

a) Portability

Be sure to buy a vape that you can place in your pocket and go your way. If you need something serious to leave at home, then consider purchasing a desktop vape.

 b) CBD to THC ratio

This is the ratio that shows the level of CBD relative to the total amount of THC. Ensure you check on how the two balances in the vape pen.

Let’s have a look at the best vape pens.

The Best Vape Pens in 2020

1. Flav E-Stick Mood Pen

A big thanks to Flav for introducing the CBD mood pen line! It is an ultra-refined cannabidiol oil that offers you with the best CBD vaping experience. It is ranked among the leaders of disposable vapes providing a wide range of CBD-centric products in the form of vape cartridges disposable devices and pods.

Flav mood pen line is the best if you want CBD with no THC. It is smooth with a sleek design, with a silver color, and comes with a signature logo. Plus, it extremely discreet and can comfortably fit in the palm.

This pen is perfect for almost 150 hits with every hit tasting precisely as the initial hit. It is flavored to taste like creamsicle, grapefruit, bubblegum, and other flavors. The vape pen is ready to use immediately you take it out of the box. It uses a buttonless operation that needs a simple draw.

2. El Gallo- Revitalize – The Little Chicken

Want to tackle the day and feel refreshed? Try using El Gallo little children. It is a CBD disposable pen that is fully infused with natural Grapefruit terpenes and full-spectrum CBD. It has a sleek white device and a tiny window that allows you to use 500 milligrams of CBD oil. 

It has 6:1 CBD to THC ratio. El Gallo offers two other vape pens under the Little chicken product line that includes lavender-flavored relax and peppermint-flavored recuperate

This disposable pen is designed to offer you the best experience. It comes with cold-resistant packaging, and it takes pride in delivering nothing but high-quality products. What’s more, this pen is good for more than 150 puffs. 

3. Dosist calm

Dosist was launched in 2016 with soft white pens, which vibrates immediately you inhale a 2.25 mg has a high CBD formula in 10:1 CBD to THC that comes with a terpene blend that brings a more calming effect.

Currently, Dosist has got six formulas of sleep, calm, arouse, bliss, and relief passion. If you love making vape tricks and blowing huge clouds, then Dosist is the best choice for you. It produces delicious and high-quality vapor.

Dosist is one of the easy to use vaporizers globally as its draw-activated, making a breeze inhalation. Immediately you unbox it, slide the pen and begin puffing. No more protocol to follow! There is no charge time or wait time, and it doesn’t have any screens nor temperature settings. Only the pen and the goods pre-filled.

Also, it is a straight forward vape pen best for novices and experts alike. Newbies will enjoy using a device they don’t have to master.

4. Pure Vapes

Most cannabis users desire a vast number of therapeutic advantages from cannabis, but either do they want to keep their consumption discreet. However, no matter which category you belong, pure vape will provide relief to your day to day life.

Pure vape belongs to the category of disposable vape cartridges, and it is free from glycerin and glycerol and other additives used by other brands. Pure vape CBD-THC 4:1 alleviates your anxiety and stress providing you with mild euphoria and deep relaxation.

More so, this cartridge has contents that are essential in lowering depression, aches, spasms, insomnia, and seizures. Its psychoactive substance helps you remain energetic and active enough to do your daily tasks.

This vape pen comes in a thin plastic tube that is generic with a rubber stopper located at the top. It’s easy to use! No hassle, no button. Simply whip it out, and inhale. It has a bottom light that will notify you that it’s functioning.

5. Select CBD Blends Relax

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur or you are new, select CBD blends must remain intact on your radar. Select products offer affordable, simple, and enjoyable points of entry into the CBD world with its numerous health benefits.

The long term CBD users claim that Select deserve too much respect, it is the master of the game, and patronage. It uses pure CBD isolate extracted from industrial hemp, which is mixed with a sophisticated vaporizer for the perfect and ultimate delivery.

Select CBD disposable pens to have three different flavors and can deliver up to 5 mg of CBD for every puff you make. Did you know that you can as well recycle them after they are spent?

Select Blends are pure and straightforward, and each pen has three all-natural ingredients: essential oils, coconut oil, and CBD oil.

6. Stanley Brother – Full Spectrum Cartridge

Stanley Brother is a globally known high CBD strain developed by Charlotte’s web in the early 2000s by a group of seven brothers based in Colorado. It was developed to reduce seizures in epileptic patients.

Among the pioneers in the world of CBD is the Stanley Brothers taking the lead since 2009. This line of vape pens is packed in a 100 mg CBD and is made available in discreet handheld vape. They come in different flavors – strawberry, watermelon, and vanilla.

By the way, using this vape pen is absolutely the same as taking a glass of water. It is easy to use.

It is a disposable vape that comes ready-to-go out of the packet. Inhale, and it will start vaporizing the top quality CBD as the opposite side lights up gently.

7. AbsoluteXtracts — AC/DC

Are you looking for something edible or a vape pen? AbsoluteXtracts can be your best choice. This portable vape pen is easy to use and is accompanied by an array of vaporizer cartridges. Each cartridge has organic oils that have no preservatives and additives and only lab-tested with local CBD.

ABX is a sturdy and portable vape pen that you can carry in a purse or pocket and go your way. It comes with a durable and a soft padded casing with pockets meant to store the battery, a single cartridge, and the charger. You can toss or throw it without the fear of leakage and breakage.

Each ABX cartridge has 100% pure CO2 oil that has 70% THC. In addition to that, each round is built with superior plastic and metal material making it less prone to leaking and sturdier as compared to different brands. They come in eighteen different delicious strains vital in any medical mood or ailment without compromising on quality for quantity.

Simple to use, and discreet, ABX vape pens are the best for budget-savvy people.

8. Stiizy-Mango

Stiizy vape has an equal amount of CBD and THC measured in the ratio 1:1, infused with mango flavor, which helps in the production of a sweet-tart taste. Additionally, it produces relaxing and euphoric effects.

Are you searching for a CBD vape product that has a tropical twist? No more look. Stiizy mango is your best pick! Using stiizy is extremely easy, and you only need to insert the pod and kick off the inhalation. This vape pen comes with an automatic draw detection that involves the coils.

The device has automatic draw detection, which engages the coils. Stiizy has no temperature control ability. That can sound annoying to new users, but if you are an amateur, there is nothing to worry about. The vapor quality within this vape pen depends on the kind of oil you are using.

Stiizy has amazing hits and has perfect airflow. It has a slick feature with a pleasant feeling and delivers everything precisely as expected. No criticisms!  

It is incredibly portable, and due to its itty bitty ability, you can carry it everywhere you go.  

Wrap Up

Finally, this article has been a summary of the best THC vape pens on the market. Congratulations! You now have a piece of full information. Don’t go far from the mentioned products. They are easy to use, sold at pocket-friendly prices, and in a nutshell, perfect for beginners. Hemper pens is another place to find some great options on the market.